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Based in Michigan: Kantner & Company provides Michigan firms with expert ISO system assistance:

Special rates for Michigan clients

Our Michigan clients always pay lower fees than our clients out-of-state and overseas; in many cases, also, we offer clients located in Michigan discounts on travel costs. Get a free no obligation quote for our consulting services today or call us at 989.289.6005.

Kantner & Company Michigan clients

Based in the state of Michigan, we have been independent consultants since 1995. Our roster of several hundred clients include a large number of Michigan based firms:

Michigan consulting

Kantner & Company services

For uncertified companies in Michigan and elsewhere, we provide hands-on consulting and training that leads to certification to:

We pioneered in helping companies implement integrated management systems and become certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and/or ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001).

For Michigan firms already certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and/or ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001), we provide support services such as internal audit training, and contract internal auditing. We also help certified firms transition their systems to

Kantner & Company president

Rob Kantner Michigan

Rob Kantner, a Michigan resident since 1972 and now based in the middle of the mitten, worked for a decade in middle management with several small manufacturers, until entering the quality system management consulting field in 1987 (the same year ISO 9001 was introduced).

He worked for two prominent international consulting firms, primarily in quality management, before starting Kantner & Company (formerly 9000 Solutions Group) in 1995. Since then he has served several hundred organizations with ISO quality, environmental, and health/safety management programs, in Michigan, North America, and abroad.

Kantner authored several books on quality system implementation, including ISO 9000 Answer Book (Second Edition) and QS-9000 Answer Book, both published by John Wiley & Sons.

Kantner holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University and advanced degrees from the School of Hard Knocks. He supports the sports teams of every Michigan university to which he's sent tuition money, which means pretty much all of them. He is a graduate of numerous industry-related training courses. He is based in central Michigan.